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quote-whatwedoWe believe in different. It’s what works. So it’s how we do everything. To achieve different requires change. The world has changed more dramatically in the past 50 years than it has in the 1000 years before that. Yet it baffles us that many of the advertising methods, techniques and formulas developed 50 years ago are still being used today. Our innovative and strategic methods, techniques and formulas incorporate proprietary properties we developed to differentiate your product from your competitors and deliver the desired results. Other companies that offer similar services to ours are not interested in replicating our method. And it’s clear to us why.

Our process is more complex and requires more time and effort to execute and implement. In other words, what we do for you requires more work and is less profitable for us. But it works and we’re okay with that, because we believe that working harder and getting you great results will keep you on our client roster for a long, long time. And that is our goal.


We partner with you to develop your annual marketing plan to include all aspects of your product, distribution, pricing, promotion, positioning and product life cycle.

We can conceptualize, develop, create and produce all your advertising needs, from the smallest design job and print ads to complete television and radio commercial production.

Our proprietary media placement process delivers incredible value and return on investment. We develop comprehensive annual media plans that incorporate much more than just “spots and dots.” In addition to an effective spot or print schedule, our media plans deliver personality endorsements, in-program messaging, live events, promotions and high traffic media website exposure, all created specifically and exclusively for your brand and all at no incremental cost to you.

With an extensive network of partnerships and associations, we have the ability to create cross promotions, co-op advertising, sales opportunities and strategic alliances for your brand.

We can apply and convert your mainstream marketing plan and campaigns to the desired ethnic demographic and make the conversion so that the content and message translate appropriately within the culture to ensure the right communication.

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Whether you’re launching a new brand or repositioning an existing one, we can assist you with all your branding requirements.

From concept to development and implementation, a great end-user experience will guarantee the longevity of your brand and your organization. We specialize in understanding your end-user experience and developing programs and promotions to make the end-user experience a great one and ensure repeat business.

Understanding your end-users and their habits, likes and hot buttons enables you to maximize your most valuable asset, your customer database. With careful organization, analysis and segmentation, we will develop offer-driven programs that will strengthen your end-users’ loyalty and raise response rates.

It’s no secret your customer base is your most valuable asset. We will manage, segment, utilize and grow your customer database to yield high response rates and great results. From designing email promotions to tangible mail concepts, we’ll help you build brand loyalty by creating personalized campaigns and specific offers that appeal to each guest’s buying and spending habits.

Working with our partners, we offer cutting-edge internet marketing strategies including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising. Our partners help us to increase our clients’ traffic, revenue, brand exposure and bottom line. Staying ahead of the curve, as well as developing and implementing only the newest and best techniques, allows our clients to grow their business and customer base.

We can produce and develop every aspect of your website or app. We will work on both ends to make sure the experience is unparalleled. On the back end, from web design to content development, we can assist you with writing, markup and coding, handling WordPress, CMS, e-commerce and more. On the front end, we can assist with user experience so everything on your website or app runs smoothly.