Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
Confidence with Weekly Recaps

When working with clients and a team of multiple members, it’s important to keep everybody in the loop on tasks you’re working on with weekly  recaps. The use of recaps is a surefire system to keep your clients and team interested and informed on your ongoing tasks and projects. Whether you’re working for a client who wants to be involved every step of the way, or one who is less involved, sending out a weekly recap will benefit any client and team and will create trust.

In this week’s #InnoVlog, we’re sharing the significance of weekly recaps and how they enhance client relations.

What are Weekly Recaps?

Weekly recaps are an amazing way to catch your client up to speed on everything that was done for them throughout the week. It’s typically sent out on Fridays and outlines the creative or any type of project you are working on, along with the strategic process that is used to create the project, from beginning to end. The recap is made up of notes taken throughout the week and also includes any important updates that are valuable to our client. Recaps present a clear picture for the client to be aware of what has already been accomplished and what is coming in the next week.

Weekly Recaps and Your Client

Your client is very important, and you want to make them feel that way. Utilizing recaps will be the icing to your client relation’s cake that will improve and strengthen the relationship. A weekly recap is a little something extra that helps build trust with your client in a big way. Trust is built through recaps because they reassure clients that you are putting in all the effort required to help them achieve success.

Clients appreciate being sent an update because it gives them the peace of mind that their distinct vision is being delivered in the perfect manner. Weekly recaps are a great method to keep the communication alive between you and your client, so they stay engaged and excited about the work you’re creating for them. If you don’t take the time to overcommunicate to your client, they will make the assumption that you don’t see them as a priority, which creates a massive problem. Sending out a recap at the end of the week can avoid problems and also can be a nice perk for your client that helps foster a strong, long-lasting relationship.

Weekly Recaps and Your Team

Not only are weekly recaps helpful your client, but they are also a great help for your team. Creating the recap covers what the team has completed and what needs to be focused on the next week. Also, it prompts client feedback which allows team members to make any changes first thing Monday morning. Weekly recaps promote communication and conversation needed to produce the best content for your client.

My name is Amber Conness and I am an Account Executive here at InnoVision Marketing Group.

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