Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You: Introduction

Hi, I’m Alanna Markey. I’m VP of Client Services and Brand Strategy here at InnoVision, and what I do on a daily basis is I work a lot on the strategy behind our creative–with copywriters in particular, but ultimately our creative teams. Also, I work with our account executives, and what we do on the account side is we make sure that our anti-agency philosophy comes through in everything we do. So, for those of you that are familiar with us and our agency, we are just coming into our seven-year-anniversary, and as part of that, what we wanted to do was launch a series of blogs and video logs where we are basically just sharing a little bit of our insider tips and information on how marketing should work. You’ll hear stuff from our experts in public relations, media buying, and everything under the marketing umbrella, and just quick tips that you can easily use and apply to your own business. We felt that was our best way of sharing a little bit of our ‘secret sauce’ with you after seven years, and, hopefully, a lot more to come from InnoVision.

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