A great media plan is not programmatic or boilerplate – it’s created, negotiated and designed specifically for you!

At InnoVision we don’t spend your money buying media,
we strategize a plan and invest it to work for you!

From mainstream to digital, when we design a media plan for you we focus on your customer’s buying habits and the entire buying cycle. Our in-house media team starts by creating a lengthy document that defines your brand, your objectives and a strategy. We then conduct a negotiation process of media outlets qualified and quantified to communicate the message. We demand excellence from our media vendors, and require them to provide a value greater than the investment.

Once we determine the best media partners for you, we assemble a plan that clearly outlines all the assets of the media investment. Then from there we move into the execution of the plan. Plus, because InnoVision Marketing Group is a full-service agency, we have the in-house team to develop any assets required to fulfill your media plan, such as digital and print ads, TV and Radio commercials and all at a preferred pricing model.

Our Brand Diagnosis and Strategic Growth Plan Process

We will start by developing a custom plan for your brand growth based on the specific needs of your company.


Step one often involves conducting extensive, in-person one-on-one research with your members to determine what the current state of the brand is. Whether a brand has been defined already or not, it’ll need to be transparently identified with no censor as the starting point for future growth. Additionally, our brand strategists will meet with your management to discuss the findings and uncover what the desired brand for your tribe is.


During step two, we will present the agreed upon desired brand to all members to achieve the operational buy-in needed for successful change.


Moving forward from this stage, InnoVision can manage media efforts to bring this new brand to the public as well as ongoing employee engagement consultation. Our end goal is a great brand all members of your tribe support and a great culture they appreciate.

See How This Process Has Helped Our Clients Boost Revenue, Morale and Productivity

It’s tough to find companies that really understand tribal communities. InnoVision truly understood our culture and created products that help us move past some of our institutional road blocks. Working with their team on internal marketing felt like finally having a diagnosis for some of the challenges that have been plaguing our team. We were able to take our products and create a clear path forward.

Misty Napeahi
General Manager

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