Creative Services Manager

Rachel graduated from San Diego State University in 2009, where she studied Advertising, Marketing, Communications and Journalism. At the start of her career, Rachel worked at both GameStop and Live Nation. While working at both companies, she developed and furthered her passion for creative marketing inspired by these companies dedicated to providing quality entertainment experiences.

In March of 2012, Rachel started as InnoVision’s first intern just one month after the company first opened its doors. From the earliest stages of her career at InnoVision, Rachel gravitated toward copywriting with a talent that led her to focus her training within this department. As the company continued to grow, so did Rachel and she expanded her role to that of Junior, and eventually Associate, Copywriter.

With aspirations that continue to motivate her, Rachel took an interest in all creative and especially production. Since becoming Creative Services Manager in 2014, she has continued to write and oversee copy, coordinate and help oversee film and radio production, and assist with creative planning and direction for print, online, radio and TV. Her role at InnoVision has been foundational to the company, including acting as IT liaison, assisting with account management, helping coordinate interviewing and hiring, supporting operations and more.

Rachel looks forward to applying the skills she has fine-tuned during her tenure at InnoVision to her career on her path to pursuing a Creative Director role.