5 Ways Video Advertising Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

5 Ways Video Advertising Can Enhance Your Digital MarketingYou’re probably aware that to succeed in today’s business world, digital marketing is an absolute must for any business of any size. Of course, digital marketing can mean a lot of different things. It refers to any marketing that occurs online. This can be social media, email mailing lists, search engine optimization (SEO), and everything in between. It’s an extremely broad category, and it’s important to understand every facet of it to have a thriving online presence.

One crucial aspect of online marketing that many businesses gloss over is video advertising. Video advertising in digital marketing can help to take a business to the next level, no matter its size. Below are five ways that video advertising can enhance your digital marketing.

1. Video Advertising Will Increase Your Brand Awareness

The truth about being in business is that there are always plenty of competitors jostling for the same niche that you are. No matter what your business is or how great of a product you offer, you won’t succeed unless potential customers are aware of that product. This is marketing at its most basic, but you’ll need to take advantage of every opportunity to get the name of your business out there.

Every potential customer uses the internet differently. Some will jump on social media for a few minutes a day, and that’s it. Others will spend hours gaming online and scrolling Instagram and Facebook. For many people, however, their preferred way of spending their time online is through watching videos. It may be that your only chance to engage with this subset of your customer base is through these videos. By utilizing video marketing, you can spread brand awareness to people who may otherwise never have heard of your product at all.

2. Video Advertising Can Give Your Business A Personality

Consumers generally prefer to interact with a business that has some sort of personality to it: a simple product is not enough. There should be some sort of connection on a deeper level than simply trying to sell a product or service to someone. Whether that connection is making them laugh, think, or feel secure, you need to have that critical element to reach your prospective customers.

Videos can provide a connection in a way that other media cannot. Simply reading a Google search result or ad can tell a consumer what type of product you offer, but it won’t provide that crucial human element. Watching a short video can encourage engagement and help potential customers trust your product more.

3. Video Advertising Is Actually One of the Cheaper Methods of Marketing

Some small business owners are intimidated by the prospect of video production simply because they expect that it will be far too expensive for their advertising budget. While it’s certainly true that producing videos can be very expensive, it doesn’t need to be. With the technology that’s available nowadays—think cameras on cellphones—videos with very high production values can be created for a relatively modest budget. And the ROI they provide will often prove to be well worth the up-front cost.

The key to creating the highest-quality material possible for your video advertising in digital marketing is to find an advertising company you can trust that will create great content for you. The team at InnoVision Marketing Group has a great deal of knowledge and experience in crafting the best digital marketing for businesses of every size. Our production company, Pretzel Logic Productions, can bring a unique brand of creativity to your company’s videos.

4. Video Advertising Can Be Attached To Many Other Types of Marketing

Of course, video advertising doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Should you opt to utilize it to advertise for your company, you’ll attach it to every other element of your online marketing, and as a result, you are likely to see an impressive uptick in your visibility and sales. For example, by including a video in an email you send to subscribers, you greatly increase the chance that customers will click on the links you provide and, in turn, visit your website and ultimately purchase your products or services.

The same is true for the website itself. By creating an introductory video for visitors to your website to watch, you’ll be able to achieve that all-important engagement, and ultimately this, too, will help to boost your sales. Video ads can also be included in other videos about your company or products and targeted toward customers who already have an interest in your product.

5. Video Advertising Is Always a Player

When it comes to advertising, there are trends, as with anything else. Some years, certain methods will be more popular than others, while the consumption of videos seems only to be increasing, year after year. This means that, by producing videos for your business, you can be somewhat assured that they’ll remain relevant in the coming years. Another consequence of the increasing popularity of video marketing is that businesses that take advantage of it earlier and establish their presence via videos now are more likely to thrive as this method of advertising increases more and more in the coming years.

Ultimately, as a business owner, you’ll have to decide if using video advertising in digital marketing is the right step to take for your company. If you have decided that you want to pursue this important facet of creating a strong online presence or if you have more questions about video advertising, put your trust in a company like InnoVision. We will help you to create video content that truly represents your company and the products or services you provide.

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