Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
An Intro to Digital Media

In this week’s #InnoVlog, we’re identifying the key aspects of digital media and how it can play a huge role in your marketing mix.

Watch the video below to hear the main features of digital media and how we define digital marketing success!

When it comes to a successful digital marketing campaign there are several different strategies or “moving parts” that, once combined correctly, will result in a strategic digital campaign. One of the most basic key factors in any campaign are digital web banners. Digital web banners are the ads that you see on websites. A very popular use of these banners is allowing them to follow you around the internet after you’ve looked at a particular product or item. This is due to a very popular digital strategy called retargeting. In addition to digital banners, there is preroll video which are videos that play before any video you watch on the internet. Another digital video element is called connected TV which is a way of digitally buying TV ads without having to go through broadcast media outlets and allow your videos to play on various streaming devices. Banner ads, preroll video and connected TV are the main extensions of digital media and are critical to any successful campaign.

As many of our clients know, as an agency, we came to digital media late in the game. We did this because we really wanted to understand the landscape of digital marketing and how the ads were being served before we jumped into the digital media world. In our opinion, the creative design in the ads play a huge part in the success rate of any campaign. We have had several cases where clients, were seeing poor results in their digital campaign before they came to us. Once our team was able to take over the creative and consider the ads they were going to compete against and determine how they were going to break through the clutter, we were able to come up with creative that was super compelling and that was able to address the highly saturated digital environment, and make sure our client’s campaign overcame that. With the new creative approach, we were able to generate a lot of positive results and impact for our clients.

All of the different methods that we discussed above form one arm of digital media. Social media, which often gets mistaken with digital media is a completely different, yet effective tool. Social media would include your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and any other social platforms that consumers are using, which is used much more often nowadays to sell a product or service.

I’m Alanna Markey, and I’m Vice President Client Services and Brand Strategy here at InnoVision.

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