How to Be a Teacher AND a Student

In life, you will often be faced with situations where you will need to share your expertise and knowledge as a teacher to help another colleague, friend or acquaintance, and other situations where you will learn and listen to another, as a student. In the times where you are the teacher, you will not only need to share what you know, but also teach in a way where someone else can understand and learn from you. This is when you will put your teacher hat on and start to communicate effectively!

Experience as a Teacher and Student

Be a Teacher AND StudentBeing a teacher and an authority figure for a certain subject is not always easy. First off, you must have real life experience with the subject matter. Whether it be teaching basketball or math, you must have the skill and expertise, practicing and learning for yourself. Once you have the knowledge, you can then teach and show others what you know. The key to effective teaching is great communication. In great communication, the message and strategy of your methods should be relayed well, so that your student can understand and hopefully one day work and learn on their own. You will also be faced with challenges and obstacles that allow you to learn and grow from another person, whether it be in your work or personal life. In these situations, you will be the student or learner. As it is not always easy to be teacher, it is also not always easy to be a student. To be a student, you must first be willing to learn something new. Keep in mind, it takes patience and persistence to listen and learn from others, while also taking the time to practice and gain your own experience on your own time.

Learn to Communicate

Communication is also key to be a great and successful student. Great communication in the learning world means that you are always honest with yourself, teacher and peers. If you don’t understand something or are having trouble solving an issue, look to your teacher and peers for help. Accepting others’ support and being honest when you are the most vulnerable is the key to learning and overall change. And without change, growth is not possible. Everyone at some point in their lives will be both a teacher and a student. Learning, growing and experiencing are some of the greatest things we can do in life. Once we have the knowledge on something we are passionate about, it is important to share and express our knowledge with others to continue the learning and growth cycle, and to ensure that your ideas do not get lost in translation. Knowledge is only power once it is applied and shared. Contact us to learn more about effective teaching and learning!

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