Tribal Branding

If great community perception is important to you,

you must first understand your brand.

Understanding and managing your tribe’s brand will not only help create a better community, it will guarantee your prosperity into the future.

Branding is one of the most commonly used (and misused) terms in the marketing world. It’s catchy, everyone wants to claim they have an understanding of it and agencies cling to it as their “secret sauce” without understanding its full scope.

That’s why at InnoVision, we’re different. We understand that branding is more than just a buzzword – it’s a concept that’s every thing and everything that actually comprises a tribe from operations to its culture to its marketing. Branding is the single most important thing that determines the success or failure of any company, and it’s the one thing that can never be replaced by even the most sophisticated technology because it must be 100% managed by humans.

We partner with tribes to uncover, change and ultimately create the lasting brand they want to achieve. Slapping a catchy headline or flashy logo on a billboard or business card isn’t how you change or define a brand – it takes a strategic plan and hard work, and your agency should work as hard as you do at making it a reality. At InnoVision, we dive into operations with you to determine what’s really happening with your tribe so that you can make improvements with a lasting, tangible impact that will benefit everyone in the community all through refining your brand.

Our Brand Diagnosis and Strategic Growth Plan Process

We will start by developing a custom plan for your brand growth based on the specific needs of your company.


Step one often involves conducting extensive, in-person one-on-one research with your members to determine what the current state of the brand is. Whether a brand has been defined already or not, it’ll need to be transparently identified with no censor as the starting point for future growth. Additionally, our brand strategists will meet with your management to discuss the findings and uncover what the desired brand for your tribe is.


During step two, we will present the agreed upon desired brand to all members to achieve the operational buy-in needed for successful change.


Moving forward from this stage, InnoVision can manage media efforts to bring this new brand to the public as well as ongoing employee engagement consultation. Our end goal is a great brand all members of your tribe support and a great culture they appreciate.

See How This Process Has Helped Our Clients Boost Revenue, Morale and Productivity

It’s tough to find companies that really understand tribal communities. InnoVision truly understood our culture and created products that help us move past some of our institutional road blocks. Working with their team on internal marketing felt like finally having a diagnosis for some of the challenges that have been plaguing our team. We were able to take our products and create a clear path forward.

Misty Napeahi
General Manager

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All of our work is ideated, developed and executed by our in-house team in San Diego, California – and we take your business seriously.

Your Team

Behind every brand that InnoVision assists there is a team of creative directors, strategists, art directors, copywriters and designers that collaborate to bring your vision to life utilizing marketing fundamentals that are proven to increase your bottom line.

Make the One Change

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