InnoVision Digital Advertising


Investing in digital requires strategy, knowledge of your product and market, and most of all, understanding of the digital landscape. We spent two years researching how to make this work in all the right ways. We’ve partnered with exchanges designed to get you results. We can customize a digital solution for any client, regardless of size. What makes us different than other digital agencies is that our solutions are built around results by using real time optimization, extensive analytics reporting and digital fraud protection. We don’t buy digital assets with overinflated prices, we buy digital ads at fair market value, and we make them work for you. Our goal is not to get you to do one campaign, it’s to build a long-term relationship with you and grow your company together.

Exchange-based media and geofencing ads require strategy, like everything else.

Working with our partners, we can manage and oversee the full scope of digital advertising, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising campaigns, Facebook ad targeting and other types of digital advertising. We offer cutting-edge internet marketing strategies including social media marketing and reputation management. Staying ahead of the curve, as well as developing and implementing only the newest and best techniques, allows our clients to grow their business and customer base.

Understanding your end-users and their habits, likes and hot buttons enables you to maximize your most valuable asset, your customer database. With careful organization, analysis and segmentation, we will develop offer-driven programs that will strengthen your end-users’ loyalty and raise response rates. It’s no secret your customer base is your most valuable asset. We will manage, segment, utilize and grow your customer database to yield high response rates and great results.

Here at InnoVision, we have an innovative and strategic outlook on all types of digital and local online advertising, therefore we are able to keep you as ‘in the loop’ with your consumers as possible. As an example, geofencing ads are the way to go to reach the target consumer you want. We can harness geofencing technology to appeal to your consumers in a unique way that allows you to learn more about your audience at the same time. We can use this information we obtain through geofencing ads to develop a digital advertising plan that is tailored specifically for you, because we know that every business’ needs are different.