Strategic Media Buying


Strategic Media Buying San DiegoWhether you’re looking for a media buying agency to buy and place your media, or you need a full-service advertising agency, we’re your partner. Our team has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, from Corona to Neutrogena, bringing this experience to the table at InnoVision. We understand that the right media is essential to the success of your advertising campaign. That’s why we provide personalized media plans tailored to the goals of each client.

From newspaper ads to prime-time TV slots to online banner ads, media buying plays an essential role in the world of marketing. Media is ever evolving and advancing. That’s why we stay on top of things, always seeking out the best possible options for our clients. We understand that something that works well for one client won’t necessarily work the same for another. We’re here to be your partner in media buying and digital advertising, and everything we do is a team effort.

From small businesses to bigger brands, media placement is key to getting results you want. Through compelling commercials and advertisements, we will make sure your message gets heard and leaves a lasting impact on your audience. We offer real media solutions to enhance your brand and make it memorable.

It’s important to note that the amount of media consumed on a daily basis is ever increasing. We’re more than an advertising and media buying agency. We offer competitive pricing that knows no boundaries and take full advantage of every opportunity.

Our unique media placement process delivers incredible value and return on investment. We develop comprehensive annual media planning and buying strategies that incorporate much more than just “spots and dots.” In addition to an effective spot or print schedule, our media plans deliver personality endorsements, in-program messaging, live events, promotions and high traffic media website exposure, all created specifically and exclusively for your brand and all at no incremental cost to you.

With numerous years of experience in the marketing and advertising industries, our team has built an extensive network of partnerships and associations with top media executives and organizations around the country for media solutions, media planning and buying. This allows us to negotiate rates and added value elements only available to InnoVision’s clients. On an annual basis, our team has secured anywhere from a 2:1 to 5:1 ratio of value to actual media investment based on the station for various clients, enabling us to more than double the value of their investment.