Consistency is Key

Throughout the years, I’ve observed that there are many parallels to building a successful relationship, whether it be personal or professional, and they can both be approached with some of the same principles in mind.

Relationships are based on consistency, trust and promise. So as a business stakeholder,  your relationship with your consumer is very similar to your most important personal relationship. When I discuss media campaigns with clients I often draw upon the analogy of how a great relationship is formed.

All relationships must have a solid first date.  The first time you enter the market to woo consumers to your company is your first date. You should never expect too much from your initial media and advertising campaigns, just like you wouldn’t expect too much on your first few dates. But the courting process has begun.

Your consumers, just like a first date, need to ask questions and decide if they like you. To build trust you need to be consistent, keep dating and keep proving to the person that you’re interested in that you are as great as you appear. In other words, you can’t go on a first date, not talk to that person for three months, then reach out and expect them to be receptive to you. It’s just not reasonable as the trust has been broken.

When it comes to advertising, you can’t just run one campaign and expect results. It’s not realistic. You need to build a relationship with your consumers through consistent messaging, assuring them that you’re the real deal and that you’re not going anywhere. Reaffirm that your product or service is beneficial to them and that you’ll be there when they need you.
That’s the foundation of a great relationship and that’s the formula for gaining market share. Winning customers is a long term proposition, just like a successful personal relationship, but the return on both is immeasurable.


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