Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
Full of Food

A fully stocked pantry and communal refrigerator with healthy food and snacks? Now, that is something we can get behind – in fact, we already did.

A happy InnoVision is a fed InnoVision. Our work environment matters, which is why InnoVision makes sure we have everything we need to have a happy and healthy work place, including fresh fruit and veggies. With all these healthy options to nourish our bodies and minds, we stay motivated to tackle any to-do list with vigor. Watch this week’s #InnoVlog as Jessie shows us what keeps the InnoVision staff fueled for the day! If you ever stop by, make sure to grab a snack on your way out.

A great company culture really comes from the employees feeling welcome, comfortable and excited to go to work every day. At InnoVision, we have a walk-in pantry full of food to keep everyone happy and make sure it’s always fully stocked with snacks that everyone loves. We also have two refrigerators that have a mix of drinks and cold and frozen foods to meet everyone’s cravings! Creating a fun and welcoming company culture is key to having the best workplace. We sure do enjoy it!

My name is Jessie and I am the Human Resources and Finance Manager at InnoVision Marketing Group.

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