How to be Punny in Advertising

When it comes to advertising, it’s important to constantly think of creative and captivating ways to catch your audience’s attention, such as being punny. You want to deliver advertisements that hook your audience, reel them in, and persuade them to stop fishing for other brands because yours is the ultimate catch. That last sentence would be perfect to use in an advertisement for a line of fishing rods because of its “puniness.”

why be punny

Why Be Punny?

Puns can often provoke eye rolls and fake laughs; however, they can also be a very powerful tool in advertising if used correctly. Advertising with puns in a clever and imaginative way can challenge your audience and leave a lasting impression. The pun plants the seed in the minds of your consumers which grows into conversation, and ultimately faith in your brand.

Wordplay and double meanings paired with appealing imagery make for the perfect recipe when it comes to standing out among your competition and remaining on the consumer’s mind long after your advertisement is in their rearview. We have included a few tips below, to keep in mind when creating punny advertisements to enhance your brand.

The Secret Behind Punny Advertisements

pun always intendedFirst, to be effective with your puns, you must understand the different types, and which will be the best way to appeal to your target audience. You can use figurative language, homonyms, and homographs to best grab consumer attention. Don’t be afraid to practice with the English language and pull out a thesaurus if your brain starts to hit a wall. We do this all the time.

You can also play around with linking ideas that may seem unrelated to your brand. Some of the finest advertisements are made this way through delivering the unexpected to your audience. If executed in a clever fashion, your brand will stick out distinctly with your consumers.

When creating punny advertisements, it’s valuable to use real life experiences that directly relate to your consumers. Utilizing familiarity and positioning so consumers look at your brand in a way they never have before is advertising genius. Last but not least, have a little fun with it! The more you push the envelope and have fun, the better.

Here at Innovision, we say that branding is the single most important element to a successful company. Advertising with puns can add a fun and unique layer to your brand that really resonates with your audience.

If you ever have trouble thinking of new techniques to reach your audience and feel uninspired, then it’s time to get punny.

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