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Human Resources

Let’s talk Human Resources! At InnoVision, we make HR fun. Human Resources is a lot more than you think. Beyond hiring team members, compensation and benefits, there’s workplace culture.

Everyone should feel comfortable walking into their human resources office, ready to share whatever is on their mind. We’ve fostered a really unique culture that all comes down to the daily experience and morale on a day-to-day basis. From group games to fun lunches, there’s always something happening at InnoVision. Our team is always thinking of new ways to make the team more organized, efficient, and most importantly, happy.

Watch our clip of our Human Resources & Finance Manager, Jessie Hatheway, talk about human resources and what it means at InnoVision.

Let’s take a walk with Jessie, the Human Resources and Finance Manager at InnoVision Marketing Group. Human Resources is important at every company, but especially here at InnoVision because we want to make sure our employees feel comfortable, we want to make sure they feel welcome and really we want to make it feel like this is their second home. I think we do a really great job of doing that because we’re there to listen to everybody. We want to make sure everyone feels unique, heard and important. Another great thing about human resources at InnoVision is we’ve really created a unique culture: we play games, we have a photography-based art show coming up, we have a lot of fun things going on and it’s really a pleasure to work here.

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