If You’re Going to be an Ass


I always wonder about the brand attributes people choose for themselves and if they even realize they’re doing it. At InnoVision we carefully choose brand descriptors for our company and our clients. Today’s slang can be so confusing to the Baby Boomer generation. So many words are truly the opposite of what we think they mean, or what they used to mean. Like “sick”, “crazy” or “bad.” In today’s conversations those are all positive adjectives, all great words.

I’m fortunate, but really by design, to be surrounded by younger people so I can stay up on the new vernacular. I love colloquialisms, but the one I’m really gravitating towards right now is “bad ass,” especially when associated with a brand. A “bad ass” is someone who doesn’t take any nonsense (if you catch my drift) from anyone.


The “bad ass” is on it, a leader who people admire. He or she is tough, but cool and no one, and I mean no one, messes with a “bad ass.”  If you’re a “bad ass” you can walk into a room and people just know it. They say “that guy (or girl) is a bad ass.” In today’s business world, you have a much better chance of succeeding if you are one. You can take control of a meeting, a pitch or really any situation. Because the “bad ass” is confident — and confidence is one of the major components, really the key, to being successful at anything.  So for once it’s “cool” to be something associated with an “ass.”


Prior to this revitalization, we had the phrases you really didn’t want to be associated with that had the word “ass” in them like “smart ass” “lazy ass” or “dumb ass.” So I welcome the new and improved modern “bad ass” as it’s aspirational. I think as the anti-agency® “bad ass” is a brand descriptor I would like to be ascribed to InnoVision. I believe our clients would want a “bad ass” group of people doing their marketing. So go ahead, be an ass, as long as you are a “bad ass”…the other ones still aren’t cool.


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