Importance of Communication

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“Good Communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity” – Nat Turner

Importance of CommunicationCommunication is one of the main pillars that affects every aspect of our lives. From an organizational, workplace or a relationship standpoint, proper communication is the key to success. Let’s elaborate on what good communication is because we all know it’s a concept continuously brought up in every company. Being respectful when reaching out and speaking to someone is vital. We’ve all heard that “please” and “thank you” can go a long way, and it’s true – a simple “thank you” after requesting something from someone can help forge a stronger bond between coworkers or partners.

We’ve all made mistakes in our jobs before, from sending the wrong email to making an error on a report, but the worst thing is being called out in front of everyone else in a negative way. While correcting someone and giving constructive criticism are necessary, the way you communicate feedback makes all the difference. Why not try and have a one-on-one with the person and ask in what way you can help them and what part they didn’t understand. It might just help this person avoid repeating the same mistakes and help them build the confidence to ask for assistance.

Body Language also plays a big part. There’s nothing more off-putting than talking to someone who is sitting slumped back, arms crossed with a “I don’t care” expression on their face whenever you try to discuss something with them. Don’t be that person. Sometimes we might not notice we’re standing in a certain way, but body language is the first thing that people see, and first impressions are important. So, always make sure you maintain good posture, a relaxed expression and control those wandering eyes. The most effective way to show you’re engaging with the speaker is to maintain eye contact – a subtle gesture that makes all the difference.

“Say What”

When it comes to communicating, people think it’s mostly about being vocal and telling others what we want. While speaking out is important, it is also necessary to remember that listening and really paying attention also play a vital part when it comes to good communication.

Take this simple scenario:

You reach out to someone with some questions and concerns. When you finally receive a reply, you notice they only commented on a few things but didn’t really address your main concern. Oh No! We’ve all been in that situation. The recipient probably wasn’t paying attention, so they may have missed some important details. Listening is an active process when aiming to achieve proper communication. While we all have busy moments, taking the time to really pay attention to what is being said not only shows respect for others but also helps every process run more smoothly. Best of all, it saves you from having to ask again.

There is no secret to achieving good communication. It’s all about making a conscious effort in your day-to-day life that does the trick. Looking for more tips and business-savvy advice? Click over to our other helpful tips, or contact us – we’re here to talk.

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