Maximize Your Advertising: 5 Google AdWords Best Practices

Maximize Your Advertising: 5 Google AdWords Best Practices
Companies are always looking for the best ways to get their advertising to the right people. An incredibly effective way to do so is through Google. Google AdWords is a tool that displays your ads on the search engine results pages. Considering how many users visit Google every day, it opens incredible possibilities. But how do you make sure you’re getting the maximum results? Read on to find out five Google AdWords best practices that will really make a difference in your advertising.

1. Be Thoughtful With Your Choice of Keywords

Keywords are incredibly important when it comes to Google AdWords best practices. So you really want to be sure you’re getting them right. Google AdWords allows you to apply user habits in order to create the best keyword results.

There are a number of other steps you should take when considering keywords. Remember:

  • Choose keywords from the perspective of a customer.
  • Make sure that the keywords you use are specific and not too broad. To reach a wider audience, you can select some broad keywords; however, keywords that are too broad will lead your ads to the wrong audience. So the right balance of specific and broad is important.
  • Make sure your keywords accurately represent your company. This means getting across your message, services, and goals.
  • You want to stand out, so your keywords should reflect what makes your company unique.
  • Don’t have too many keywords. 10 to 20 per ad group should be enough. You don’t want clutter.
  • To reduce clutter, ensure your keywords aren’t just slight variations of each other.

You should also test the keywords you’re currently using:

  • See which are working to get the clicks you want.
  • Remove those low search volume keywords that aren’t getting enough clicks.
  • You can do some experimenting here. Add some new keywords you think could land your target audience, keep the ones that work, and remove those that don’t.

2. Make Sure You’re Not Running Ineffective or Irrelevant Ads

Once you figure out your keywords, it’s time to make sure your advertising lines up with your brand. This includes ad copy as well as your landing page. Make it clear that what your company offers is the solution to what the user is looking for on Google.

You may need to do some A/B testing to discover the most accurate and effective ads. Try different landing pages. Experiment with images, colors, and other creative elements. This also includes trying different wording.

Use calls to action and action verbs in your ads. A lot of times, this helps convince people to click. You also may want to use some effective punctuation, such as exclamation marks. But at the same time, don’t overdo it.

Your ad copy should convey your message clearly. And it should use relevant keywords. You also want to make sure it’s concise and to the point. After all, you’ll have limited space for a headline and description. You need to make the most of every character.

Your headlines and description should also be unique and eye-catching. You’ll want to add multiple variations as well. They can different lengths and should not all be the same. This helps you reach more people.

Utilize ad extensions as well. You can use this to highlight some extra information about your company and services. This is also your chance to get across important details like your contact information.

3. Utilize a Professional Digital Marketing Company

The experts will know how to use Google AdWords best practices to maximize your digital advertising potential. At InnoVision, we’ve spent years researching how to best tackle the world of digital advertising. Professionals know how to effectively use geofencing, pay-per-cclick campaigns, target marketing, and more. They’ll work with you to understand your audience, customize your Google AdWords, and help you figure out how to best reach them.

4. Use Google AdWords to Post Your Ads at the Right Time and Place

The precise targeting tools are another way to ensure you’re following the Google AdWords best practices. One of the many benefits of Google AdWords is that you can set ads to display in certain places at specific times.

Go to the “ad schedule” tab, then enter the days and times you want your ads to be displayed. For instance, if you think people will enter relevant searches on weekdays during their work hours, you can set it for Monday through Friday from 9:00 .m. to 5:00 p.m. If you think people are more likely to make relevant searches at night, you can set the time for later.

You can also change the days and times whenever you like. This can be useful for holiday seasons or other times of the year when people’s schedules change.

For the location, click on “parameters.” Once you’re there, enter your intended locations, either by name or postcode. You can select larger areas, towns within larger areas, the radius of a certain location, and so forth. Google AdWords will show you the estimated audience size.

Google Adwords includes tools to review how your ads are performing. You can review by both location and time of day. If you’re not getting optimum results, take advantage of the other Google AdWords tools to make adjustments.

5. Work on Improving Your Quality Score (a.k.a., Your QS)

Your Quality Score will be an important part of your Google AdWords best practices. It’s used by Google to determine how high your ads rank.

Your rank is important because it determines how good your ad placements are. This in turn boosts your ads conversion. So, if you’ve had problems with ads not converting, this could be a big help.

So, how do you improve your QS? There are a few ways:

  • Be sure you’re using the best keywords.
  • Ad copy should be compelling and easy to understand.
  • Make sure your ads are mobile-friendly.
  • Your landing page should be easy to use and navigate.

Interested in putting these Google AdWords best practices into use? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to InnoVision Marketing Group. We look forward to working with you to maximize your advertising results. You can find plenty of information about our professional digital marketing company on our website, including some examples of our previous successful work.