A great media plan is not programmatic or boilerplate – it’s created, negotiated and designed specifically for you!



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At InnoVision we don’t spend your money buying media, we strategize a plan and invest it to work for you! You’ll get peace of mind that you won’t miss out on any opportunities and we’ll negotiate the best rates for you.

From mainstream to digital, when we design a media plan for you we focus on your customer’s buying habits and the entire buying cycle. Our in-house media team starts by creating a lengthy document that defines your brand, your objectives and a strategy. We then conduct a negotiation process of media outlets qualified and quantified to communicate the message. We demand excellence from our media vendors, and require them to provide a value greater than the investment.

Once we determine the best media partners for you, we assemble a plan that clearly outlines all the assets of the media investment. Then from there we move into the execution of the plan. Plus, because InnoVision Marketing Group is a national full-service agency, we have the in-house team to develop any assets required to fulfill your media plan, such as digital and print ads, TV and Radio commercials and all at a preferred pricing model.

Our Brand Diagnosis and Strategic Growth Plan Process

We will start by developing a custom plan for your brand growth based on the specific needs of your company.


Step one often involves conducting extensive, in-person one-on-one research with your members to determine what the current state of the brand is. Whether a brand has been defined already or not, it’ll need to be transparently identified with no censor as the starting point for future growth. Additionally, our brand strategists will meet with your management to discuss the findings and uncover what the desired brand for your tribe is.


During step two, we will present the agreed upon desired brand to all members to achieve the operational buy-in needed for successful change.


Moving forward from this stage, InnoVision can manage media efforts to bring this new brand to the public as well as ongoing employee engagement consultation. Our end goal is a great brand all members of your tribe support and a great culture they appreciate.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

The InnoVision Marketing Group team is the finest team of marketing & advertising professionals that I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside in my 30+ years in the Gaming industry.

Their CEO, Ric Militi was our Vice President of Marketing for seven years here at Valley View Casino & Hotel prior to starting his own company, InnoVision, five years ago.

I met Ric while I spent 17 years of my career on the Las Vegas Strip at Caesars Palace, Ballys, Paris and The Aladdin. Ric was a marketing executive during those years at The Rio and The Aladdin and did an exceptional job at both properties.

When Ric discussed opening his own business with me six years ago, it was with the caveat that our casino company, Valley View Casino & Hotel would be his exclusive San Diego Gaming client, and that has been the case since 2013.

The strength of Ric and his team of over 20 highly trained professionals at InnoVision is their incredible, tireless work ethic, their strong sense of urgency, their dedication and loyalty to all their clients, their ability to follow up and follow through until conclusion on all projects, as well as their ability to listen and offer well thought out suggestions while always owning the final decision as their own, regardless of whose idea it was.

Their ability to act wisely and appropriately in great times, good times and bad times along with their flexibility to turn things around on a dime, combined with their exceptional creative talents, and their ability to buy media extremely effectively makes InnoVision easily the best in the business, in my opinion.

Their operational experience in our business and their ability to understand and react to guests’ behavior patterns is simply a cut above the six or seven other marketing/advertising agencies that I have had the pleasure of working alongside.

It would be my pleasure to discuss or answer any questions concerning InnoVision with anyone who reads this note and wishes to call, text or email me directly.

Bruce Howard
General Manager, Valley View Casino & Hotel

InnoVision has become a critical part of the Huey Magoo’s team. With a very limited marketing budget, InnoVision has been able to make Huey Magoo’s look and feel like a national restaurant brand. Since InnoVision has come on board, our marketing programs are much more focused, our social media presence is growing every day, we now have a cohesive graphic look, and our branding elements create an exciting and franchisable restaurant model. Best of all are the people working at InnoVision. Every person is enthused and extremely dedicated to do the best work they can on our business.  Bottom line: We are selling more tenders since we have partnered with InnoVision.

Andy Howard
President & CEO, Huey Magoo’s

About a year ago, I was on a search for a savvy, well-connected media buyer. I asked a few local people I respect for a recommendation. Ric Militi and his team at InnoVision kept coming up. A year later, our relationship is flourishing. Ric and his team are tough but fair with the local media. He’s gotten us pricing and value-add that reaffirm the great relationships they’ve crafted over the years along with some pretty impressive negotiating skills. In addition, they are always there with great creative direction when I need it. This is a company that demonstrates every day what a “customer-first” service ethic really looks like. Needless to say, I highly recommend InnoVision and their team of pros!

Kathi McCalligan
Director of Marketing, Baker Electric Solar

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All of our work is ideated, developed and executed by our in-house team in
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Behind every media plan that InnoVision develops there is a team of media planners, strategists, creative directors, art directors, copywriters and designers that collaborate to bring your vision to life utilizing marketing fundamentals that are proven to increase your bottom line.

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