Motivation and the Secret to Success

What is Motivation?

Motivation is your driving force from within that powers you to achieve success. Motivation can lead you to do great things for your career and your personal life. Motivation is the “why” behind all human actions, and it’s very important for every individual to have so that they’re able to handle adversity and different challenges that life brings. Having more motivation than others can really separate you from the competition and can fuel you to keep the train moving when others can’t.

The Formula

The Motivation FormulaI’m sure we’ve all had goals that we’ve really set our mind to and these goals motivated us to change in some way. Eating healthier, getting a new client, or passing a class are all examples of life changing goals that require enough motivation to reach. Achieving these set goals requires more than just desire. You need to have great determination to reach your goal and the ability to persist through obstacles to keep moving forward. There are three major components to motivation:

  1. Desire is the first domino to fall in the success chain. The want for change or to reach a life changing goal all begins with the thought and desire to.
  2. Persistence is the ability to keep leaping over the various hurdles you may come across when trying to achieve your goal. Without persistence, the desire for change will burn itself out.
  3. Intensity is the level in which you attack your goal. We all have different gears of motivation and like we mentioned before, some of us are highly motivated individuals and others maybe not so much. The individuals who are highly motivated will always be ahead of the rest because they have higher intensity to achieve their goals. Going for your goal with high intensity while also having the motivation and persistence to keep going will lead you to the ultimate success.

What if I’m not Motivated?

It’s safe to say we all have different buttons or trigger points that fuel us to perform at our peak, but some goals may be harder to reach than others. If that’s the case, try to reassess your goals. Baby steps are instrumental in the process of achieving your goals and success. Translate each big goal into smaller ones and go for those first. We all have some motivation for change, we just have different ways of getting there.

Using Motivation in Everyday Life

Using Motivation in Everyday LifeHighly motivated people are often the most successful because their persistence, drive and intensity allows them to reach high levels of success. The ability to persist through all the adversity and having the power to stay focused on the goal is the key to achieving success for any individual. Motivation can be a powerful tool that when used efficiently can lead us to whatever we really want in life.

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