Strong Positioning + Memorable Messaging = Quality Content!

Two elements essential for effective marketing are positioning and messaging. You must take the necessary time and dedicate a great deal of effort to create a positioning and messaging platform that is sure to set your company up for long-term success. More often than not, companies are so focused on rolling out the next new thing as quickly as possible. Consequently, their positioning and messaging strategies suffer, and they’re left with a huge loss that could have been avoided if they just took the time to perfect the positioning and messaging.

First Comes Positioning
Whether you have a new product or service, having the right positioning is critical for all of the marketing activities related to the launch. Positioning differentiates your product or service from the competition with similar offerings. It also helps to determine consumer perception about your product or service. Positioning is meant to be a guide for your internal team to establish a strong foundation. You want your team to have a clear and concise understanding of the positioning of your product or brand, so they are aware of its place in the market and why it is better than the competition. Once your team has a solid understanding of the position, they can spread the message to your target market better and more successfully. Positioning answers what the product or service is, who it was made for, why they need it, and what it offers that competition doesn’t. Every great position includes a unique selling proposition that separates your offering from others and displays it in a positive light. Once there is a strong vision for the positioning, you can then move on to the messaging.

Positioning Shapes Messaging

Messaging is created for the target market you identified during positioning. You want your message to consist of the most significant details of your brand or product that are the most memorable and leave a lasting impression with your audience. While your positioning is the solid foundation that remains the same, there is more room for change with messaging in order to relate to and reach your target market. Your message gives life to your strategy and positioning and is showcased in the content you create. You can see messaging through advertising efforts, press releases, social media, and many other strategies used to attract audiences. Messaging is how you communicate your audience to tell your story, sell your product, etc.

Working Together inside Office

Working Together
Positioning and messaging are a package deal where you can’t have one without the other. You need positioning to act as a road map for your team to follow so they don’t hit any speed bumps on route to messaging creation. The two work together to express the high value of your offering to both your team and target market. Marketing experts use positioning and messaging every day to reach new heights and attain exponential growth for their companies and clients.

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