Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
Optimizing Your Ads to Meet Your Goals

Are your social media ads helping you reach your sales goals?

In this week’s #InnoVlog we discuss how the strategy behind social media ad campaigns is everything.

Here at InnoVision, we include strategy and goals in everything we do. Especially when it comes to creating, designing and executing social media ad campaigns. When we develop social media campaigns for our clients, we are constantly optimizing and developing new campaigns based on the objective or goal that the client would like to achieve. To reach our client’s goals, we will craft an ad that is specifically designed to get them leads, sales or whatever their objective is. If a client is looking to spread brand awareness, we would create an ad campaign that’s specifically targeted for that. This campaign could include a video or a very soft call to action, as opposed to a customer that’s looking to get a direct response from the campaign, for which we may use a more straightforward call to action.

If a client is looking to get more leads for a specific product from their social media campaign, we will design an ad that is specifically designed to get our client more leads that includes specific and unique details on the product. In an ad campaign, you want to ensure that the ad includes the specific message that you want your audience to pick up and that it is easily visible without any confusion to the audience. For a client that is looking to strengthen their brand and existing customer loyalty, the ad campaign would most likely include specific and unique brand information and have a different look and feel than an ad for a client that wants to bring in new customers. Overall, there needs to be a specific strategy behind each individual ad campaign in order to create success and reach designated sales goals.

My name is Giselle Campos and I am Creative Director and Vice President at InnoVision Marketing Group.

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