Our Approach

We know you’re smart, so we treat you that way. We understand that bringing outside help in to your organization is difficult, especially an advertising agency. So many agencies execute what we call the “hit and run” client approach. They sell you on promises that can’t be delivered. They tell you that they can generate sales with a clever advertising campaign they’ve developed just for you. You buy it. They happily take their fee. It fails. They’re gone. It’s why we refuse to call ourselves an advertising agency. In fact, it’s why we refer to ourselves as the anti-agency®.

We Are The Anti-Agency- InnoVision Marketing Group

We will only promise you two things. One, nothing happens overnight. And two, by picking the right strategy for your company and having the courage to stick to it, you will greatly increase the likelihood of your success. With that understanding, we can all get to work as a team.

Our process requires understanding your company, your product, the people within your organization, the customers you have and the ones you’ve lost. We implement step one in our process: UREEL℠.

Understand, Research, Educate, Experience and Learn. We will often recommend a research firm to conduct a primary research study that will help us make the right decisions on how to approach your business. We work with the findings and develop a strategy — with you — that we will implement using tactics that uphold the strategy. We also provide weekly reports as an added value to help your business grow with category news, competitor updates and public relations efforts that keep you engaged with your industry. We call it a TACT report, which stands for Tactical Assault Client Team and we are your secret operatives – functioning behind the scenes of your business to keep things integrated and flowing smoothly. We’ll work within your budget parameters and make the right decisions and investments based on solid information and research. And we’re in it together. For the long haul.