CEO/Executive Creative Director

Ric Militi always dreamed of being in the place he is today: the leader of a team of overachievers that share his passion for marketing and the challenges it brings. From as early as high school, Ric Militi was inspired by the advertising greats that came before him and it was then that he knew marketing ran in his blood. From the first agency he opened in the 1990s to the anti-agency he runs today, Ric’s vision was always to create a firm that would serve clients first and be home to a team rooted in supportive company culture. Thanks to his strategic planning, this vision is now a reality.

Ric’s success in marketing began in his early twenties when he concepted, developed, and launched one of the nation’s largest transportation providers for the entertainment industry – Galpin Studio Rentals, which is still the market leader for rental vehicles used in the entertainment world today.

Ric went on to open his first ad agency, The Ad Group, in 1990. The agency specialized in serving the entertainment industry and was eventually acquired by Eisaman, Johns & Laws (EJL) Advertising, the largest ad agency on the west coast at that time, with over 400 employees and offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Houston.

He realized he had a knack for fusing Hollywood’s entertainment heavyweights and emerging brand stories together to create exciting campaigns. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to work with several iconic brands, including Pennzoil, Corona, Domino’s Pizza, Neutrogena, Kahlúa, Nissan, the Rio Hotel & Casino, Harrah’s, DreamWorks/SKG, Merv Griffin Hotels, Universal CityWalk, Disney Collectibles, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Valvoline, Crystal Cruises and many more, plus notable icons Merv Griffin, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Aaron Spelling.

In 1996 while Ric was working at EJL, the agency won the Rio account and their casino’s management team laid down one caveat to keep the account: Ric would need to be the key agency contact. Honored and flattered, Ric and the agency agreed, thus launching what would be the foundation to Ric’s incredibly unique knowledge in casino marketing. As Ric began to understand the challenge that the Rio faced, which was not being located on the Las Vegas Strip, he and his team developed a strategy that would propel the Rio into one of the best known casino brands of the late ‘90s.

Positioning the Rio as if it were located in Los Angeles, all messaging made the Rio sound like it was created and built for the LA market. Using an arsenal of customer bases, he positioned the Rio as the ‘Bachelorette Capital of Las Vegas’ – with room packages that drew bachelorette parties in droves. While the surface strategy was to attract women, the underlying strategy was that men would follow, as they too, came in droves. Clearly the strategy worked, as the Rio was eventually sold to Harrah’s Entertainment for a hefty profit to the ownership group.

By this time, Ric had developed a real interest in casino marketing as well as a unique perspective which allowed him to come up with innovative ideas and strategies for bringing them to life. In 2004, Ric was recruited to build and manage an in-house advertising department for a new casino in San Diego – Valley View Casino. Under Ric’s guidance, the casino grew into one of the most reputable and successful casino brands in the country.

It was then that Ric’s vision for the agency he had always dreamed of came to fruition and InnoVision was born. Ric and his team at InnoVision are committed to providing results that exceed expectations, going above and beyond for each client. Modeling itself after a New York agency in style, scope and intensity, InnoVision is the country’s only anti-agency®, defined by its unique culture of free-flowing ideas, transparency and positivity. Ric and his team’s personal interest in each client’s success combined with a hands-on, sales-oriented approach has garnered huge results, and attracted attention in many different industries with clients across the nation. With a team that has expanded from five people to over 40, InnoVision continues to modernize and keep up with everchanging technology and demands, adding more services to always provide value for their clients.

Ric and the team at InnoVision also provide pro bono services to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and NNAHRA (National Native American Human Resources Association) to give back to the community and further the company’s mission of compassion for others. Ric has served two terms on Fresh Start’s Board of Directors and is on the Advisory Board for NNAHRA. He is currently a Presidents’ Council Member at Palomar Health.

Ric frequently lectures on brand theory and strategy, providing an in-depth understanding of the process by which actions impact the conceptual through the intersection of brand and operations. With a love of advising colleagues across many industries in the professional world, as well as mentoring, Ric also personally donates his time speaking to universities throughout Southern California, conducting seminars, providing career guidance and motivating attendees. He would find nothing more rewarding than to see these career upstarts become the industry’s next big thinkers.