Public Relations

Exposure matters

Without exposure, your brand goes unnoticed. In a constantly evolving world, public relations cuts through the clutter and goes hand in hand with marketing to promote your brand and ensure it’s being represented well. Whether you want to raise awareness about your company, boost your reputation, announce a new product or service, we know how to tell your story the right way – and make it loud.

Where Our Clients Have Been Featured

It's All About Strategy

Today, conversation is everything and every brand is at risk without great representation and exposure. This requires strategy, precision and creativity. At InnoVision Marketing Group, our PR Department builds comprehensive plans and develops content ideas around strategy. It’s all about finding the right angle, the right people and the right time to pitch your content. This type of pitching leads to more exposure, which causes more people to talk about your brand. Essentially, the more people are talking about you in a positive way, the better. It’s all based on your story.

Here’s A Taste of What We Can Do For You


Our relationships with local media partners ensure exposure for our clients, every time they have a story to tell. 


If you want to broaden your reach and get on the map, we work with PR Newswire and our specialized media lists to get you national exposure. 


When the media reaches out or needs to schedule an interview, we’ll make sure to get them everything they need. 


We collect all media mentions and coverage for each campaign so you know exactly where and how your brand was featured.

Let’s Tell Your Story