Social Media Platforms as Emojis

We get it, social media is constantly shifting and can be hard to keep on top of. However, for many consumers, social media just may be the only way you can connect with them. More than that, you oftentimes need a strong following and an equally strong social media voice as a company to establish your credibility to those who stumble across your company. It’s fine; don’t panic. We understand the importance of communicating your brand effectively and authentically on all channels—and we also understand that while we may have our own social media experts on staff, not everyone does.

Understanding the platforms as a whole is the first step to being able to keep up with social media trends. The way you approach each network must be specific to that platform, because when it comes to social media, it’s not one size fits all.

To translate to a language that almost everyone understands, we have created a guide that represents the major social media sites as emojis.


💃 💃 💃

The dancing ladies are the epitome of what you want for your Instagram—flashy, interesting, and good at leaving a lasting impression. While a witty caption is important, your Instagram won’t get far without a good picture attached (and, no, your selfie in your company’s t-shirt doesn’t count). You need to pack a lot of punch into something that will catch the viewer’s eye enough to stop their scrolling. They say a picture is worth a thousand words—and we don’t disagree. Try seeing your company through the eyes of someone who never has before – what would your Instagram leave them thinking about you later? Not to mention that when your newest photo gets more likes than any previous posts, you’ll probably want to do a little dancing yourself.



Facebook is all about getting reactions. Likes, loves, and laughs are all essential to keep your account relevant. Getting a follower to engage with your account enough to comment on your post is likely to transform you into this love-struck emoji. Facebook is all about creating relationships with your consumers and being there to answer questions, reviews, and all other interactions to prove your dedication.

This emoji also fits in another way: it’s new. The old heart eyed emoji was great and all, but this new emoji is the most popular way to express love to your friends, significant other, and maybe even your favorite company’s social media. Not to be outdone, Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing to better the user’s experience and—more than likely—present both new opportunities and challenges for you as a company. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to produce quality content to receive organic traffic; it just requires a bit more effort and a new understanding.



To get your Twitter moving, you just need to capture the viewer’s attention for a second. One well-phrased tweet can blow up and gain your business exposure—so you’ll want to treat each tweet like it could go viral. Like the laughing with tears emoji illustrates, getting people to chuckle is worth its weight in gold. Dig the witty commentary out from the back of your closet, and assert your brand as the best one to turn to. Keep on top of trending tags and topics to expand your audience. Don’t be afraid to scour Twitter analytics to see what you need to focus on. But more than anything, make ‘em pause for you.



Considering snapchat stories only last 24 hours, and individual messages even less, it’s no wonder that Snapchat is often overlooked by companies trying to connect with their audiences. Don’t make the same mistake. As of late last year, Snapchat had 188 Million Daily Active Snapchat users—and each one could be viewing your content. Just like the sunglasses emoji, it’s important to keep cool under the pressure of Snapchat’s time crunch. Whether you’re creating a company Snapchat with daily entries and stories to keep followers interested, or choosing to advertise on the Trending Tags, don’t keep your audience wondering. You have 10 seconds to tell a story and explain why you are worth clicking on—so Keep Calm and Snapchat On.



YouTube is a great place to tell your customers what you cannot in a witty one-liner. Just like the grinning emoji, you just need to put on a smile and have something to say. Allow yourself to get creative or use it as a way of talking directly to your audience in a way that is unique to videos. Your channel can have playlists for all your business’ interests, so don’t limit yourself. As soon as they’ve clicked on your video, you want to keep your audience from clicking away to something flashier. So write a script, create a hook and reel them in.



Pinterest is all about finding things you like. Ideas to emulate, aesthetics to use—it’s shopping for lifestyles. This is a place to dazzle followers with your vivid imagery and keep them around with your helpful, informational links. Thus, if there was ever a symbol for Pinterest, we think it would be the starry-eyed emoji. Let yourself be inspired by others and to get creative with company-relevant DIY instructions or how-tos. Hopefully, after followers see all you have posted and all you can offer, they will also be star-struck.


👩‍💻 👨‍💻

As we are aware, it’s not about what you know but who you know. LinkedIn is the place to reconnect with that study buddy from undergrad who you haven’t talked to in years but is now settled at some firm in Indiana, as well as your old co-worker’s desk neighbor who you chatted with about the weather every now and then. Really, LinkedIn is about putting your best foot forward. On your personal page, go ahead and list those internships you completed years ago—they still count. On your company page, feel free to brag about that award you all got and your new, stellar employee joining the team. Sit down, get comfortable, and embrace the hiding-behind-the-laptop emoji energy. The site is a hub for networking–and growing your network is never a bad thing.

Maybe you don’t speak Social Media just yet, but like any language, it comes with practice. If you want to improve your communication skills, contact us at InnoVision today.

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