Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
Getting People to See Your Content

Everyone knows how to create a post on Facebook and Instagram. But, how do you know if your followers are actually seeing the content you share? In this week’s #InnoVlog, we’re dishing out social media tips and the importance of staying on top of the constant updates on Facebook and Instagram to ensure that content ends up in your followers feed.

Watch the video below to hear our tips on how to get people to see your content!

As many of us know, social media platforms are constantly evolving and pushing new updates. Often these updates are beneficial for users and create a better social media experience. With the focus on the end users’ experience, there are many updates that do not benefit the companies who rely on the platforms to maintain a connection with their audience. These updates include everything from making a change to the design and feel of the platform to altering the algorithm, showing users only certain people’s content. Here at InnoVision, we like to stay in the know with the latest social media tips and updates to ensure we can optimize every campaign to get the best results for our clients.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of “pay to play.” Well, both Facebook and Instagram are constantly pushing updates that limit the amount of people that see the content you are posting. This is forcing companies to pay for ads to reach their own followers. Which means that even if you have worked really hard to get a ton of new followers on Instagram or Facebook, only a small fraction of those followers are being served your content in their feed. So, how do you get around having to pay for ads on the platform to get your followers to see your content? Simply use some of their lesser known and utilized features, such as their IG stories, IG TV or even going “live,” which notifies every single one of your followers to tune in and see what you’re up to. For Facebook, you can also go “live” or you can start becoming interactive within their groups that are relevant to you, which also notifies every single person that is in the group when you post something. These simple features can transform your social media presence, without paying exorbitant ad prices to platforms.

I’m Giselle Campos, and I’m Creative Director and Vice President here at InnoVision.

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