Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
Team Efficiency Using Internal Timelines

You never want to be scrambling at the last second to finish something for a client due to poor planning and time management skills. The last thing you ever want to do is upset your client by not having something prepared when you said it would be completed. Using internal timelines is a proactive approach to staying on top of things when there’s a lot happening around you.

In this week’s #InnoVlog, we’re giving some insight on how following timelines is incredibly beneficial to your company.

Benefits of Internal Timelines

When your team works in harmony with internal timelines, campaigns tend to run more smoothly as opposed to working with an “I’ll finish when I finish” mentality. Not to mention, in the world of advertising, it’s all about deadlines. The last thing you want to do is miss a deadline. Different departments communicate with each other confirming that they are in agreement with the task at hand to avoid any errors. Timelines are meant to hold team members accountable and get tasks finished in a timely manner. Once everything is completed, it’s important to set aside remaining time at the end dedicated to fine-tuning and making possible adjustments to ensure the best service is being provided to your client. This is how you can work backwards when creating timelines.

The Importance of Timelines

Although timelines may seem stressful at times, they are an efficient way to remain punctual and organized to hit those deadlines. This method of enforcing structure helps keep the campaign on track while reducing the possibility of unforeseen issues arising with little time for repair. Internal timelines are important to employ within your company because they help you not only reach your client’s expectations, but instead, surpass them. Internal timelines meet external deadlines that achieve overall success!

I’m Amber Conness and I am an Account Executive here at InnoVision.

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