Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
Using Digital Media Strategically

Many people know of digital media and how to implement it into their media plan. But, are they using it strategically to make a significant impact to their overall marketing efforts?

In this week’s #InnoVlog, we’re discussing digital media and how to strategically and successfully apply it to your media mix.

Watch the video below to hear our tips on digital marketing!

In prior vlogs, we have mentioned that our team took a bit longer to fully immerse ourselves into the digital marketing world. Digital marketing is an incredibly saturated market that has many chances for overspill and clutter of ads. As a team, we wanted to do our research and completely understand the background of digital marketing to determine the best strategies that would create the best results for our clients. We have now educated ourselves on campaign strategies and have a deep love for digital marketing and how it has benefitted many of our clients and their marketing success.

One of the reasons why we love using digital marketing and recommend it to our clients at this stage, is it allows us to buy TV on a smaller, more targeted scale. So, for clients that don’t necessarily have a budget to buy broadcast TV or they maybe have one location that they are trying to support, digital allows them to really target the consumers they want using Connected TV. There is often a lot of overspill and waste of impressions when you directly buy broadcast TV from networks, especially when you are trying to target a smaller, more specific market. Using the Connected TV strategy, you can reach the homes that have the exact type of consumer that you are looking for, without paying for wasted impressions.

The ads served through Connected TV still feel like a traditional broadcast ad and are still being served on a Smart TV, through an app or on a Roku device but are more targeted to the audience that you are looking for. The consumer that is seeing the ad, does not know if it is a nationally bought or locally placed media buy, they just see this professional TV commercial that we were able to place and as far as they are concerned, your brand could be huge. We know that these ads are paid for and are being served to the specific people that we are trying to reach.

Digital Marketing can be used to create great success in a company, if paired with the right strategies. The key to digital marketing is having a strategy and plan for every campaign that you produce. The use of Connected TV can be very beneficial as long as you know your target market and can use it to ultimately serve ads with little to no overspill. You want to ensure that your budget is buying impressions that are serving ads to the consumers that you want and to guarantee your digital marketing success.

I’m Alanna Markey, and I’m Vice President Client Services and Brand Strategy here at InnoVision.

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