Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
What to do With a Bad Review

Whether you are a business owner, a social media guru or anything in between, we have all come across a bad review at some point. We see them posted online about restaurants, stores and pretty much any service that we use or place that we go. It has become a part of everyday life to check reviews before attending an event or eating at a restaurant. It is our curiosity that makes us check out reviews of a place before we go, to see if there are mostly positive or negative reviews. These reviews often dictate our choices and ultimately, the success of a business.

Whether your business only has a few bad reviews or many, there is great importance in responding to any and all reviews out there to turn every brand experience into a good one. In this week’s #InnoVlog, we’re sharing how to handle bad reviews and make them positive.

How to React to Bad Reviews

We want to start by mentioning that a bad or negative review is definitely not the end of the world. At some point or another, your company or brand will most likely receive a negative review from an unhappy or disappointed customer. We know a lot of brands don’t necessarily like responding to these negative reviews, but we think it is essential and extremely important to respond to the person that left the review to learn from it and spin it into a positive situation for everyone involved. When you reach out, it allows your brand to connect with the person on another level and create an overall better brand experience for them and your brand.

How to Evolve from a Bad Review

A lot of brands have even started or changed an aspect of their company based on recommendations and reviews from social media and online. It is highly important to have a solid brand foundation that will help you build a positive and strong relationship between you and your customers. You want to ensure that they have complete trust in you and your brand so that they can be completely honest in any setting where they would recommend or write a review based on your services. With that honest feedback, you can move forward and make better, more positive changes to your business.

The Importance of Responding to Bad Reviews

Overall, answering all reviews whether they are negative or positive, good or bad is extremely important. This is not only great for your brand, but will also allow you to create a relationship with your customers that you have never had before, in turn, strengthening your brand. When it comes to responding back to any negative or bad reviews, you must take them with compassion and understanding. There is no need to become defensive or angry, but to take their feedback constructively, to better your brand. Also it is key to remember, that just about all companies receive negative feedback every now and again.

I’m Rachel Goldberg and I am the Social Media Programmer here at InnoVision.

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