Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You:
A Visual Extension of Your Brand

In this week’s #InnoVlog, we’re turning our attention to cultivating your brand words through how you visually present yourself.

Your brand is made up of many different aspects–from the attitude each employee has, to the way a visitor feels when they walk into your office. Here at InnoVision, we take special pride in creating an environment that encourages team members to strive to grow into more of our brand words every day. Additionally, visitors can see just how highly we prioritize embodying our brand words in everything we do.

Watch the video below with Jessie, our Human Resources expert, to learn about how we visually present our brand and brand words to each and every person who steps into the office!

So, another important aspect of HR–it’s a subset of our culture–and that’s our brand. This building is really a visual extension of our brand. Let me show you our amazing wall. Down here, we had a professional graffiti artist come in and basically tag our wall. It’s got all of our brand words on it: fearless, focused, visionary, positive… all of these things are important in being an InnoVision employee. We all strive every day to work on our brand words, make sure that we’re exuding them in everything that we do: in our emails, in our client visits, in who we are as people. So, this is just one really great part of our building that kinda shows you who we are.

My name’s Jessie and I’m the Human Resources and Finance Manager at InnoVision Marketing Group.

Creating a brand is not a simple task. It not only means choosing the qualities you want to embody, but also seeing them through every single day. Our graffiti mural is a fun representation of our unique combination of creative energy and strong core values.

Choosing what brand words are right for you and your team is an ever-evolving task. One word that all of us at InnoVision take to heart is positivity. Regardless of the challenges or obstacles we might face, we prioritize being positive and overcoming with a smile on our face.

Though positivity is very important in any office, your brand is more than one quality. Your team is made of diverse minds, varied experiences, and unique people… qualities which should be reflected in your brand.

Visual reminders of your goals, priorities and accomplishments can go a long way in inspiring everyone who sees it. While not everyone can hire a professional graffiti artist, you can decide what expressing your brand words mean to you and make it just as significant.

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