Vice President/Finance

Monetta is a determined, resourceful and well-rounded professional with over a decade of bookkeeping, finance, and office management experience in addition to 20+ years of operations management and 30+ years in real estate. Her professionalism, sense of pride in her work, drive to continually grow and evolve, and commitment to ethics while keeping a vision in sight have allowed her to quickly become an invaluable part of InnoVision.

Since joining the InnoVision team as Finance & Business Manager in April of 2014, Monetta has made a notable impact and proven herself to be an instrumental part of the company, streamlining all monetary and operational functions for the ever-evolving company. Just a few of Monetta’s responsibilities include ensuring that client funds are allocated properly and operational expenses are paid; categorizing, posting and reconciling revenue and expenditures; developing profit and loss statements; preparing balance sheets; and coordinating and implementing payroll and benefits, all while meeting strict deadlines. Overall, the leadership and hard work that Monetta demonstrates ensures that InnoVision has a solid foundation from which to continue to grow and thrive. She now manages finance and affairs for not only InnoVision, but its two other sister companies as well.

Monetta began her professional career in the real estate industry and continually ensured her professional growth by simultaneously taking advantage of career opportunities in other fields. As Operations Manager for the Boston Harbor Corporation, she directly managed and supervised 30 full-time employees while overseeing all daily operations, facilitating loan modifications for customers, identifying and solving public relations and customer service issues and more.

Monetta also owned and managed Lawyers Escrow, where she ran the day-to-day operations of the company in addition to establishing and maintaining all accounts and records, coordinating all audits, developing and implementing internal controls, and managing and supervising employees. Monetta also served as Controller for KUKE, Inc., where she was responsible for all operational, financial, payroll and administrative functions while also overseeing 10 property managers and the dozens of properties they represented.

Monetta more recently served as Quality Control and Accounting Manager at the Law Office of Thomas Hurley and as Office Manager and Accounting Clerk at In-Flight Media. For both companies, she played a vital part in various roles ranging from bookkeeping and operations to human resources, property management, administrative and sales support, payroll and more.

In addition to her career pursuits, Monetta has shown a dedication to serving her community while continuing to grow her knowledge base and areas of expertise. She currently sits on the board of directors for Poway Real Estate Professionals, is on the Educational Committee of the San Diego Board of Realtors and is an active member of the California Association of Realtors, National Association of Notaries, and San Diego Paralegal Association.