Innovative Tips for the Visionary in You: Thinking of Context

In Marketing, it’s very important that you are personalizing your message to the audience that will see it. Depending on the platform and medium, there are also a variety of constraints that will affect how successful you are–and you need to be conscious of each unique challenge.

Be sure, when creating content, to take into account not only the technical aspects. To leave an impact, you must be aware of the perspective of the consumers who are encountering your creative – context. What does a viewer walk away thinking? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how happy you are with your creative if the consumers aren’t.

Watch our clip of our Vice President of Client Services & Brand Strategy, Alanna Markey, talk about context for creative.

So, anytime a client is interested in putting together their own creative, one of the things that we always want them to consider is the context of that creative. Frame of mind is really important to how consumers are going to receive your messaging. And so, whether it’s a billboard, and it needs to be a short message, or it’s a radio ad, and it can be a little bit longer but it needs to paint a picture, or a tv ad, where you have the best of both worlds; you need to consider your medium before you write anything in order for it to be successful. And if somebody doesn’t do that, that business is likely going to be running the wrong message on the wrong medium.

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