What Are Video Marketing Services?

What Are Video Marketing Services?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it’s the perfect one, it sends a very powerful message. Carefully-crafted images can define a marketing strategy and may even be a game-changer to really deliver the goods.

Video marketing services are offered by experienced creators who craft those images. They film digital video content to best communicate the spirit of a product, brand, or service so you can speak to your clients using the direct, simple, and effective medium of photos and film.

At InnoVision, images are our language, and we speak it creatively. We’re big on vision—having a clear picture and direction in mind from the beginning is how we make something a reality and produce results.

If this still sounds a bit vague, let’s break down what video marketing services are all about.

Why Use Video Marketing Services?

Video content has become ubiquitous on all social media platforms, even Twitter, which was initially just for text. Every day, more and more people post videos online to tell their stories, promote their brands or product, and funnel attention toward what they do. Nowadays, more than 85 percent of businesses use videos as a marketing tool.

However, many companies lack the experience, know-how, or even equipment to produce high-quality videos. That’s where professionals in the field can help, offering comprehensive services, including strategy guidance, development, and distribution.

Aim of Video Marketing Services

Video marketing aims to improve the performance of a business through increased sales and new customers. It can also help businesses expand and get their message out there. Video services allow companies to market not just their products but also their images, and video content significantly boosts SEO.

Video marketing is a versatile means for brands to connect in an entertaining, engaging, and informative way with their customers. The scope of strategic video marketing is huge because just a few seconds of video can be very impactful, and marketers can choose to approach their topic from any angle—the only limit is the team’s imagination.

Prerequisites for Marketing Videos

As with traditional marketing, businesses need to define their target audience. A standard tool for this is the buyer persona—a depiction of the typical or ideal customer. Marketing teams often work with a number of buyer personas in mind, then research provides input on the consumer habits, interests, tastes, and so on of this target audience.

The pandemic led countless people around the world to change how they live and work in response to lockdowns and restrictions. As a result, there was a further surge in the use of digital technologies that accelerated the development of digital media. It is more important than ever for video marketers to know where their target audience spends its time in the virtual space of the internet, like the social media channels they use most. This is a key element in helping marketing teams decide how and where to best distribute video content.

Ideation and strategy planning are essential as well. The concept and direction of a video must be clear beforehand to ensure the finished product serves its purpose. This includes finding the style and tone that best characterizes a company’s business vision, ethics, and mission. Businesses need to establish where in their sales funnel their target audience is situated. Are these people new to the brand and still learning about the company or product, or are they returning loyal customers?

In all cases, they will think about what exactly they want viewers to feel and what action they’d like them to take after watching their video. All of this happens before shooting footage can begin.

Common Types of Marketing Videos

Different types of videos can serve very different purposes, as in these examples:

Demo and Brand Videos

These are often introductory videos. A demo video focuses on showcasing a product or service and describing how it works in an accessible, viewer-friendly way. A brand video focuses more on the identity of a brand and its range of products, often as part of an advertising campaign.

How-To, Explainer, and Educational Videos

These types of videos are created to demonstrate a way of solving a problem or accomplishing a task well. Explainer videos tell viewers why they would benefit from a product, while how-to videos show step-by-step how to accomplish a goal while offering expert tips and advice. Educational videos are very similar but may give a more general overview of a business or what it offers and are more informative.

Company Story and Testimonial Videos

These often aim to engage with current or potential customers in a more personally relatable way. Company stories are told so as to appeal to customers and viewers by being inspiring, unique, and promotional. Testimonial videos feature real-life satisfied customers and are great publicity.

Animated Videos

These are an original and fun way of communicating a message. Animated videos are often fast-paced and eye-catching. They grab the viewer’s attention and hold it. Also, they can portray anything and are not restricted by real-life filming limitations.

Video Marketing Matters

Video marketing services benefit brands and businesses at any stage of their development or marketing processes. Some products become lifestyle accessories, others are so successful they make themselves indispensable to the consumer or define a generation. For start-ups and established brands alike, videos on social media and in the digital space can sustain customer loyalty, and update the world on new innovations, events, or projects. But even the best videos need to circulate widely and get views—video marketing agencies manage this too.

In recent years, attention spans have decreased, and people have started to prefer shorter videos. A moving image captures people’s attention more effectively than static or written content and engages with a person both on a sensory and emotional level. The video marketing services we offer at InnoVision are bespoke and cutting-edge. We’d be delighted to put our expertise at your service and create the perfect content for your goals.