Steps to Success

In our life we all set goals, it’s part of our human nature to want to thrive.  Every goal is important, no matter how big or small, from eating healthier, to working your way up to a higher position or starting your own business. Each one counts towards reaching your ultimate life goal, which for most of us is to be happy. But, what good is a goal if you don’t set yourself up for success?

While it’s easy to say, “My goal is to have a successful blog site” or “Be my own boss and start a business” – if you don’t break that goal down into feasible steps, then all your goals just become wishful thinking. Setting up a goal is easy, but accomplishing it is harder, but never impossible.

Set it Up & Break it Down

Steps to Success innovision marketing groupIs your goal to become a graphic designer? Let’s start by breaking down this goal into smaller goals, that will make it more attainable.
First goal: Let’s do some research! Start by learning which programs are available and which are the most commonly used by successful graphic designers. While this may seem like a minor part, it is crucial to being successful in your goal. Learning about each design program and how it can help your success is key to knowing where you want to start, instead of trying to take on all programs at once and becoming overwhelmed.
Next goal: Set up the foundation. Learn how to use each program individually. Take a class, get some tutoring or watch as many YouTube videos as you can, because there is nothing that YouTube can’t teach us. This will take time and dedication, but if you start with the basics, learning all the neat shortcuts and tricks will come easier to you.
In order to make sure you meet your goals in a timely manner, set up a scheduled time where you dedicate yourself to bettering your skills. Practice makes perfect! It’s a cliché, but it’s true.
Taking one goal and breaking it down to smaller parts, is what makes your goals realistic and attainable. There is lots of success in being precise.

Tick Tock

setting goals InnoVision Marketing GroupTime is the hardest thing for people to find. We’ve all made excuses about not having enough time or any time at all to work on things that are not easily achieved. But let’s be honest, when you really want something, there is nothing that will stop you from getting it. Make some time, schedule at least 30- 40 minutes to only focus and work on your goal every day.
Not only is making time important but giving yourself a reasonable timeline is as well. Don’t set yourself up to accomplish your goal in a week if you know for sure that you’re not going to be able to achieve it in that timeline. Working on your goal at a steady pace is much better than giving up because you didn’t meet your unreasonable deadline. Create timelines that are suitable to what you can manage. Don’t kid yourself, take your time but be consistent.

Seeing is Believing

Every little reminder helps when you’re working on achieving a goal. Include visual reminders in your day to day life that remind you of your goal. This will help keep your eye on the prize and inspire you. Create a visual piece by writing it out and placing it in your car, room, on your fridge or on your office desk.
Set yourself up for success by planning out every step. Every action you take is important, even the smallest one. Achieving your goal is all a matter of time and work. Now go make your goals a reality!

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