Keyword Research: Cracking the Code

Keyword research is a term that is often overlooked when talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how the strategy works. However, keyword research is a key component of the success of an SEO campaign. For example, when an SEO specialist is optimizing a website, they will usually explain that the keywords need to be in the correct place in the code. They also briefly explain that all anchor text for those links include the specific keywords that you want to rank for, but overall, keyword research is usually never discussed in detail. Does anyone really know how effective the keywords list really is? Let’s crack the code.

Picking keywords doesn’t need to be a gamble

Keyword research innovision marketing groupOften times, people have a great list of words that they think they want to rank for in mind. The truth is, anyone can pick a random list of keywords they would like to rank for and they might do well, but chances are if the keywords are too vague or too popular, they will not rank as well as a word that you did strategic research for. When taking the time to conduct an official keyword research, we take the initial keyword and brainstorm to find new, related words until we have a large list of potential keywords. Once we have that list, we can then weigh how many actual searches are being completed for those specific keywords and how many competitors there are for each word. Knowing those two important components and with a little bit of math, we can give you a better idea of which keywords you should rank for and how likely your website is to rank with those selected keywords. Thanks to a proper keyword research, we can find the right keywords for your website and make it perform better in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) against your competitors.

So why is Keyword Research so important?

For so many years, SEO has been a trial and error process, but when you have a tool such as keyword research on your side, you can save a lot of time by using better quality keywords in your online content. Imagine selecting keywords to use in your content, then waiting a couple of months to see how effective those keywords are. Now, if those keywords were not effective and there wasn’t much traffic generated, naturally you would replace the ineffective keywords with new ones and wait again, right? That would require a lot of time and often are not effective. Meanwhile, during your ineffective research for keywords, your competitor that is using a more efficient keyword research process to their advantage, is getting more traffic to their website and making sales. And it doesn’t stop there. Now, your competitors have extra time to do more to generate traffic, like create new content, keep their website fresh and stay ahead of the game. This should be you.

Take full advantage of your SEO campaign and do your keyword research the right way. Contact us to learn more about SEO and Keyword Research!

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